Internet Monitoring Software For Child Safety: A Must For Every Parent

Are you one of the many worried parents who are concerned about the online security of your kids? Do you know the websites they are visiting? Who are they talking to when chatting online? Protecting your children while they are surfing the internet is very important nowadays. There could be a lot of personal and important information that could be taken advantaged of by crude people behind the internet. One of the most important safeguards that you can give your children is to have an internet safety child software program.

If you are looking for the best child software for your little ones, there are a lot of things you need to consider before you make your final pick. There are actually a lot of brands, options and features you could choose from and so what you can do is to just pick out the ones that would best suit you and your kids. Here are some of the features you should look for on the child software:

Filtering and Blocking– this feature gets rid of unwanted and harmful contents from any website and would stop your kids from visiting those sites.

Online Time Control– this puts you in control on how long and what time periods your children can connect to the internet.
Remote Administration and Management- this cool feature allows you to remotely monitor your kid’s online habits whether you are at work or on vacation.

Automatic Email Reportingthis feature gives you the option of getting an email report about everything that you need to know about your kid’s online activity. It may include the sites they have visited, IM’s and emails.

These are just some of the things you could consider in selecting the best child software for your kids. Remember, there are a lot of options available for you as a parent to maintain the safety of your children while they’re online. It’s just a matter of choosing which one works for you best.

Improving Slow PC performance Start-Up Times

Waiting around for a slow PC to boot up fully can be tedious and monotonous wait. This article takes a look at some simple processes or actions that you can do to improve the speed with which Windows will boot up for you.

As Windows is booting up, it initializes a number of applications, programs and services which are used by the operating system as the computer is running. It is up to you to decide which applications are initialized and then improve the applications which you leave enabled.

Windows provides a technical utility application called system configuration which can be used to display and enable/disable which services are run as Windows boots up. You can run this application via the start menu, run program by entering the phrase msconfig.

Once the application starts, go to the Startup tab to view the list of applications which run at start-up. Unfortunately, the applications are only listed using their execution file name rather than any sort of user-friendly program name. Therefore, you have to be familiar with the applications before you disable them, so it is best to research any execution file names first before deciding to disable them, as they may be critical programs (such as anti-virus applications). All decision making is crucial part not just in computer aspects but it also applies in the manner of opting the right service provider, a matter of a single Click for the right provider who can do tree service works for instance.

Now that you have disabled some of these applications which are initialized, you should look to the remaining applications that are left enabled. For each application, you can check in the task manager application how much RAM memory, the use and see if it is excessive. If it is, then you should consider updating the application and checking if there are any known performance problems with the application. It is also worth using PC maintenance software or registry cleaners to repair any registry settings and DLL files which these programs may be using.

In addition to the above, you should also consider improving the general overall performance of your slow PC. The starting point for doing this would be to add more RAM, especially if you only have one megabyte of RAM on your PC at the moment. In addition, you should also check that there is enough disk space on the hard drive (at least 10% left empty) for virtual memory and the paging file to expand. Finally, your slow PC performance may well be due to disk fragmentation. Use the disk defragmenter application to reorder the data on your hard drives into an optimum manner.

Three ways to make money from home writing online

When you think about it you realize that is is amazing how much income a person can earn working online. There are so many various ways to make money from home online and one easy way is to make money as a writer.

1. You write articles based on individual keywords that are then placed on your blog or website. Then they can be posted to quality article directories for valuable backlinks.

In each article that you write you should include a short bio in the resouce box linking back to your webite or a page on your site. These important links will be a way in which your readers will find your site.

The more targeted visitors that visit your site could mean more sales and with more sales come more money that you earn from just writing articles.

2. By becoming a freelance writer you have the potential of making an excellent income from those articles that you write for others. Internet marketers are always looking for fresh new content for their websites. They know that fresh content is the key to more website traffic. You could even hire yourself out to companies looking for writers online. You can earn as much as you are able to write. As a freelance writer you set your own hours.

3. A third way you can make money online is by writing ebooks and reports. Many internet marketers and individuals working online are searching for products that they can sell as their own. You as a writer can write these reports and ebooks and sell them to other marketers to resell as their own products.

Of the hundreds of online business ideas online, I have shown you three different ways that you can make money from home as a writer. If you think you possess excellent writing skills and love to write this may be ideal for you.